Being charged with the responsibility of planning a college orientation is a lofty proposition. You'll need to prepare an event that appeals to people entering a center for higher learning that all hail from many different stations in life. While you certainly want to help them become acquainted with the college itself and make them excited about starting their educational journey, it's also important that the orientation be a time when the students learn more about themselves and each other. There are a few things you can do to make the transition to college life that much easier. Learn more about two techniques you can use to make the upcoming college orientation a success. 

Focus On Ice Breaking

Being placed into a foreign environment with people that you know nothing about can bring about a tremendous level of anxiety. The students who are coming to the orientation might be preparing to be away from their family and friends for the first time in their entire life. You can facilitate the change by incorporating several icebreaking events into the occasion. This will give the learners a chance to get comfortable with those around them and possibly make a few new friends.

Icebreaking is all about getting people to let their guard down. Some fun ways to do this could include an ice cream social where you invite a comedian or magician to come out and entertain the students. Have the guest act incorporate the students into their set, as well as relay information about their own initial college experience. You'll be creating a relaxed environment that is highly conducive to letting everyone open up and conversate with those around them.

Instill A Sense Of Collegiate Pride

A great way to acclimate your crowd to life at the college is to make sure they have plenty of items which bear the schools' emblem. Play a number of games where the prizes are things like school t-shirts, ball caps, pens, book bags, and nearly anything that has the name of the college on it. The students will begin to feel that they are apart of the college life as they proudly don the items which they won during the orientation process.

College orientations should be memorable times that the students can reflect on during the years that follow. Make your mark at the next orientation by incorporating these tips into the itinerary for the event.