When it comes to planning your wedding reception, you want everything to be perfect. That includes creating a perfect seating arrangement. Having a head table for the bride and groom can separate you from your guests and make it more difficult to mingle during the meal. Here are a few alternatives to consider as you begin planning your wedding reception.

Banquet Tables

Instead of renting one banquet table for the bride and groom, consider renting several to create one long banquet seating area. This eliminates the problem of creating separate tables for family, friends, and work acquaintances, and it gives everyone a chance to sit together. This is ideal for a smaller wedding, creating a more intimate seating arrangement.

U-Shaped Seating

For a larger gathering, build on the idea of one banquet seating area, but arrange the tables so they form a U-shape. The bride and groom can sit at the center, but they will still be able to talk to guests sitting nearby. You can also create an additional seating area in the center for children by placing smaller tables and chairs in the open space. Work with your party planner to find child-sized chairs that match your overall design theme to keep everything matching. You can still have fun decorating the area where the bride and groom sit by renting special chairs or a loveseat for them to sit at during the meal.

Cocktail Tables

Some couples choose to skip the formal dinner and opt for a series of hors d'oeuvres served throughout the reception. This is a great way to be able to mingle with all of your guests instead of choosing assigned seating. Rent cocktail tables, which can be placed throughout the reception hall, and be sure to choose coordinating tablecloths to complete this look. Some guests may want to sit during the reception, so consider renting folding tables, which can be lined up around the dance floor. You can also rent pub-height stools to go with the cocktail tables. Remember to indicate on the wedding programs or invitations that there will be no formal seating arrangements, as this can help to eliminate confusion as guests enter the reception hall.

Your party planner can help you to find all of the tables and chairs you need to rent for your party, as well as tablecloths and chair covers to customize the look of your reception hall. With some creative planning, you can ditch the head table and spend more time visiting with everyone who came to celebrate your marriage. Visit a site like https://partypeoplerentals.com for more help.